Mittwoch, 28. Januar 2015


We´ve had a really successfull and funny shootingday, monday, the team was great and there was such a great flow. I was inspired by the film "Malificent", so we had two charachters, the strong stepmother and the soft Aurora. All the outfits are colored in black, dark green and blue and I´ve made a few pleated skirts or details, which I also made by myself. For the background, I designed a dark forest with a peackock on the path, which a friend was drawing with charcoal for me. So there were parallels between the background, my label and my dress with the peackock feathers. We were also using a green light from one side, which was shining into the models faces, so the situation in the forest seems a little bit mistery. The make-up for Aurora was very natural with strong eyebrowes, eyeshadow in earth tones and nude lips. The make up for the stepmother was much stronger, we´ve used a wine red liquid eyeshadow as a contrast to the green colors in her dresses. I´m really excited for the results, our team is getting better and better, I´m sure this will be a great editorial, so stay tuned and wait for the arranged photos!

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