Freitag, 19. Dezember 2014

Maurizio Giambra

Since 2 weeks, I´m working a few days the week for the italian designer Maurizio Giambra in vienna. He designs beautiful gowns with lace, glitter and sequins all over. It´s a pleasure to be part of the team, which works like a family and I felt like a member of it, since the first day. The 16.12.14. he made a fashionshow for his friends and clients in his elegant atelier. We were working the whole day, to change the dresses for the models and to decorate the atelier. I enjoy working behind the scenes during the show, to change the outfit of the models during a minute. I did the same before in a theater for 2 month. 

                 the bride gown,             Maurizio Giambra,           black sequin gown

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